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Gyoury  (Györý previously)

Generation I
1 Michael Györý; born 1777, died 14 Feb 1840 at St Pancras Workhouse, as Michael Gyoury.
He married 28 Dec 1807 at St Marylebone church Sarah Cordwell, believed from Whitechapel, daughter of John & Sarah Cordwell.
  Children:1809:Michael Henry Gyoury [2.1]
1811:Joseph Gyoury [2.2]
1812:Frederick Gyoury [2.3]
1816:John Francis Gyoury [2.4]
1818:Charles Gyoury [2.5]
1819:Ralph Gyoury [2.6]
1820:William Gyoury [2.7]
1825:James Gyoury [2.8]
1827:Alfred Gyoury [2.9]
1831:Elizabeth Sarah Gyoury [2.10]

Sarah died in 1838, but their lives together had produced 10 children, each with the given surname- GYOURY

Generation II
2.1 Michael Henry Gyoury; born 3 March 1809 in Marylebone district.
He married 9 Sep 1838 at St James Bermondsey, Ann Hillier born in Surrey.
(No records of children can be found)
2.2Joseph Gyoury; born 1811, died 1873 at St Saviour.
He married 1832 Susan Smith, born approx 1823 ? Signature image
(No records of children are found, it is believed they had none)

2.3Frederick Gyoury; born 1812, died 1868.
He married 17 Sep 1834 at St Pancras, Grace Jane Phillips born 1816, died 1870, daughter of James & Jane Phillips. Signature image
  Children:1835:John James Frederick Gyoury [3.1]
1836:John Gyoury [3.2]
1838:Jane Sarah Gyoury [3.3]
1849:Emily Jane Gyoury [3.4]
1854:Frederick Gyoury [3.5]

2.4John Francis Gyoury; born Oct 1816, died 1838.
He married 1836 Louisa S Hunn. Signature image
  Children:1836:Elizabeth Louisa Gyoury [3.6]
1838:Sarah Jane Gyoury [3.7]

2.5Charles Gyoury; born 31 Oct 1818 at Somers Town.
He married Mary, born 1820 at Tottenham Court, died 1880 at St Saviour.
-Younger sister Elizabeth may have lived with them after their father Michael died in 1840
(No records of their own children are found, it is believed they had none)

2.6Ralph Gyoury; born 1819, died 1878.
Possibly Ralph married in Kensington the last quarter of 1844, spouse currently unknown.
Old Bailey proceedings show Ralph and his older brother Joseph were found 'not guilty' of theft in 1854.

2.7 William Gyoury; born 1820, died 1842 as a passenger on the convict ship Waterloo which sank off the coast of South Africa.
Proceedings from the Old Bailey show he was convicted for theft of a truck, and sentanced to 7 years deportation.

2.8 James Gyoury; born 1825. James is noted as still living in the 1911 census, in St Pancras aged 88.
He married 25 Dec 1844 Margaret Tannam, born 1826, died 1884 at St Pancras.
  Children:1845:James Gyoury [3.8]
1847:William Joseph Gyoury [3.9]
1856:George Gyoury [3.10]
1860:Elizabeth Ada Agnell Gyoury [3.11]
1869:Robert Frederick Gyoury [3.12]

2.9Alfred Gyoury; born 1827, died 1865 at St Giles.
He married 8 Aug 1847 at Clerkenwell Sophia Cook, born 1827 at Bloomsbury, died 1863 at Holborn.
  Children:1848:Sophia Janette Gyoury [3.13]
1850:Mary Gyoury [3.14]
1852:Alfred Joseph Gyoury [3.15]
1855:Louisa Emily Gyoury [3.16]
1858:Sarah Ann Gyoury [3.17]

2.10Elizabeth Sarah Gyoury; born 31 Dec 1831.
She married 27 April 1856 at St Marylebone William Morris. Martin Clark has a more complete family tree here.
  Children:Morris [3.18]

Generation III
3.1 John James Frederick Gyoury; born 16 July 1835 at St Pancras, christened at St Pancras, died as a baby 11 July 1836.

3.2 John Gyoury; born 1836. *New info from 1911 census shows John living in Edmonton aged 75.
He married 1866 Emma Brown?

3.3 Jane Sarah Gyoury; born 2 Nov 1838, died as a baby in 1840.

3.4Emily Jane Gyoury; born 18 Sep 1849 at St Pancras, christened at St Pancras.

3.5 Frederick Gyoury; born 1854.

3.6 Elizabeth Louisa Gyoury; born 1836.
  Children:Griffiths [4.1]

3.7Sarah Jane Gyoury; born 18 Jan 1838 at St Pancras.

3.8James Gyoury; born 16 June 1845.
He married 25 Aug 1867 at St Clement Danes, westminster Caroline Rosina Sydee, born 1848.
  Children:1868:Caroline Margaret Gyoury [4.2]
1870:Elizabeth Charlotte Gyoury [4.3]
1872:James Gyoury [4.4]
1874:Charlotte Maria Gyoury [4.5]
1876:Caroline Rosina Gyoury [4.6]
1879:Alice Maud Gyoury [4.7]
1881:Ada Agnes Gyoury [4.8]
1884:Joseph Gyoury [4.9]
1887:Walter George Gyoury [4.10]
1889:Albert Edward Gyoury [4.11]
**New info shows a new sister born after Ada, c1882 as Sybil Evelyn. (Walter's son 'WJ' also mentioned his father came from a family of 11 children)
3.9William Joseph Gyoury; born 12 Sep 1847, christened at St Pancras, died 1882.
He married 25 Dec 1870 at Strand, Westminster Hannah Simms, who died 1897 at Shoreditch. Hannah Gyoury did re-marry after the death of her husband, to Albert Thurgood in 1884. Hannah Thurgood and Albert had 2 more girls of their own, and the younger Gyoury children were brought up in the same Thurgood home with their half-sisters.
  Children:1871:Hannah Alice Gyoury [4.12]
1874:William Joseph Gyoury [4.13]
1876:Alfred Gyoury [4.14]
1883:Elizabeth A Gyoury [4.15]
1880:Henry F Gyoury [4.16]
+ Hannah had 2 more children (Gyoury half sisters); Marther E. Thurgood c1885 and Florence Thurgood c1887
3.10George Gyoury; born 4 Jan 1856, died 1887.

3.11Elizabeth Ada Agnell Gyoury; born 1860.

3.12Robert Frederick Gyoury; born 1869.
He married 1894 Elizabeth Rickett, born 1873. *New 1911 census info shows this family living in Islington, with further children apart from the 3 mentioned below.
Two additional children are: Ethel born c1908 and George born 1911
  Children:1896:Robert Frederick Gyoury [4.17]
1897:Maud Amelia Gyoury [4.18]
1899:Charles William Gyoury [4.19]

3.13Sophia Janette Gyoury; born 9 May 1848.
She married 24 July 1870 at St Marylebone William Edward Franklin. ## If anyone is able to provide any info on Sophia Franklin, please contact ##
  Children:1872:Edward Joseph Franklin [4.20]
1875:Frederick William Franklin [4.21]

3.14Mary Gyoury; born 1850.
She married 26 July 1871 at St Pancras Daniel De La Rue, born 1850 at Lisson Grove, Middx. This surname may now be known as Delarue.

3.15Alfred Joseph Gyoury; born 1852, died 1902.
He married 1873 at St Pancras Annie Bradley, born c1852. Annie Gyoury is shown as living in St Pancras during the 1911 census.
  Children:1876:Alfred Thomas Gyoury [4.22]
1878:James Gyoury [4.23]
1883:William Gyoury [4.24]
1887:Arthur Gyoury [4.25]
1891:Joseph Gyoury [4.26]

3.16Louisa Emily Gyoury; born 6 Jan 1855.

3.17Sarah Ann Gyoury; born 16 Sep 1858, christened at St Andrew, Holborn, died last quart 1858 at St Andrew, Holborn.

  Children:Clark [4.27]

Generation IV
4.1 Griffiths

4.2Caroline Margaret Gyoury; born June 1868 at st giles, Bloomsbury, died March 1875 at Strand, Westminster.

4.3Elizabeth Charlotte Gyoury; born 1870 at Battersea.

4.4James Gyoury; born 1872 at Bloomsbury.

4.5Charlotte Maria Gyoury; born Sep 1874 at st giles, Bloomsbury.

4.6Caroline Rosina Gyoury; born Dec 1876 at Clerkenwell, Holborn.

4.7Alice Maud Gyoury; born 1879 at Holborn.

4.8 Ada Agnes Gyoury; born 1881 at Clerkenwell. **New info shows a new sister after Ada, born 1882 as Sybil Evelyn

4.9Joseph Gyoury; born 1884 at Bloomsbury.

4.10Walter George Gyoury; born 13 April 1887 at Bloomsbury, died 23 Aug 1958 at Shoreham, Sussex.
He married 1911 at Greenwich Florence Alice Palmer, died 29 Sep 1968 at Croydon, Surrey.
  Children:1912:W J Gyoury [5.1]

4.11Albert Edward Gyoury; born 1889 at Bloomsbury.
He married Winifred Kitty Hope.

4.12Hannah Alice Gyoury; born 1871 at Holborn.
She married 1892 Earnest Edward Fry.
  Children:Earnest Fry [5.2]
William Fry [5.3]

4.13William Joseph Gyoury; born 1874 at Bloomsbury, died 1913 at Edmonton.
He married 1894 Emily Louise Matthews, born 1876. Wedding picture 1894 | older William | older Emily
  Children:1895:John William Taylor Gyoury [5.4]
4.14Alfred Gyoury; born 1876.

4.15Elizabeth A Gyoury; born 1883.

4.16 Henry Frederick Gyoury; born 17 Sep 1880. Picture of Henry Frederick & family at son's wedding, see [5.5]
He married 1905 Florence Amelia Krelle.
  Children:1906:Henry Arthur Gyoury [5.5]
Florence Gyoury [5.6]
Alfred Gyoury [5.7]
1915:Nellie May Gyoury [5.8]

4.17Robert Frederick Gyoury; born 1896.

4.18Maud Amelia Gyoury; born 1897 at Holborn.

4.19Charles William Gyoury; born 3 Nov 1899 at St Pancras, died Nov 1987.

4.20 Edward Joseph Franklin; born feb-1872 in London.

4.21 Frederick William Franklin; born 15 March 1875 in London.
  Children:David Franklin [5.9]

4.22Alfred Thomas Gyoury; born 1876.
He married 1895 Mildred Hill, born 1875. They were both living in Kensington during the 1911 census. * new info shows 2 more children, see [5.12]
Frederick Arthur born~1902 and Henry Thomas born~1904
  Children:1896:Alfred J Gyoury [5.10]
1898:Ethel A Gyoury [5.11]
Others? [5.12]

4.23James Gyoury; born 1878.
  Children:Unknown [5.13]

4.24 William Gyoury; born 1883, died 29th May 1934 at St Thomas' hospital. William 1914
He married 23rd june 1917 Eliza Edna Williams.
  Children:1922:Sidney [5.14]
1920:Stanley William Gyoury [5.15]
4.25Arthur Gyoury; born 1887.
  Children:Unknown [5.16]

4.26Joseph Gyoury; born 1891.

4.27 Clark

Generation V
5.1W J Gyoury; born 23 April 1912 at East ham.
He married Doris, born 1912, died July 2006.
  Children: 1940's P [6.1]
1940's V [6.2]

5.2Earnest Fry.

5.3William Fry.

5.4John William Taylor Gyoury; born 1895.
He married Elsie May Drake, died 15 Jan 1979 at Enfield. (Mature age picture, Clacton Pier)
  Children: E [6.3]
1925:William G A Gyoury [6.4]
D [6.5]


Henry Arthur Gyoury; born 3rd march 1906.
He married 25th december 1930 Ellen Florence Blackborow, died 6 April 1981 at Billericay.
Wedding photo 1930 - (Will, Henry Frederick [father 5.5], William Thomas Blackborow [father-in-law], Fred)
next line of photo- (Nellie May Gyoury[sister], Henry Arthur, Mrs Blackborow, Florence, Winifred Blackborow)
bottom of photo- Bride Ellen Florence nee. Blackborow

  Children: 1932: Henry William Gyoury [6.6]
Lillian Winifred Gyoury [6.7]

5.6 Florence Gyoury, born 1908 Florece Louisa.

5.7Alfred Gyoury.
He married Win ?.
  Children: M Gyoury [6.8]
P Gyoury [6.9]
W Gyoury [6.10]

5.8 Nellie May Gyoury; born 1915, died May 1932, aged 17. Nellie May Gyoury

5.9David Franklin.
  Children:Arnold Franklin [6.11]

5.10Alfred J Gyoury; born 1896.

5.11Ethel A Gyoury; born 1898.

5.12 Others? *New info, showing Frederick Arthur born~1902 and Henry Thomas born~1904

5.13 Unknown

5.14Sidney; born 15th Dec 1922.
He married 18th june 1954/55 Helen
  Children: S [6.12]

5.15 Stanley William Gyoury; born 1920, died 24th Oct 1984 in Australia.
He married Peggy. They emigrated and travelled to Wellington New Zealand, on the maiden voyage of the ship- SS Southern Cross on 29th March 1955.
Their daughter Linda Jane preferred to be known as Jane.
  Children:1951:Linda Jane Gyoury [6.13]

5.16 Unknown

Generation VI
6.1 P these current details are kept private for security
  Children:E [7.1]
H [7.2]
C [7.3]
J  [7.4]

6.2 V these current details are kept private for security

6.3E these current details are kept private for security

6.4 William G A Gyoury; born 17 Nov 1925. (Wedding picture)
these current details are kept private for security
  Children:W [7.5]
L [7.6]
P [7.7]
W [7.8]

6.5 D these current details are kept private for security

6.6 Henry William Gyoury; born 18th May 1932 (baby picture), died Feb 2007 at Billericay.
Further details are kept private for security (picture of Henry William and sister Lillian)
  Children: B [7.9]
C [7.10]

6.7 Lillian Winifred Gyoury; died early 1980's. (picture with brother, see above)
  Children:Fiona [7.11]

6.8 M - please make contact if you know these details

6.9 P - please make contact if you know these details

6.10 W - please make contact if you know these details

6.11Arnold Franklin.
  Children:S Franklin [7.12]

6.12S these current details are kept private for security

6.13Linda Jane - please make contact if you know these details

Generation VII
7.1 E passed away aged 21 due to tragic road accident. Further details are kept private for security

7.2 H these current details are kept private for security

7.3 C these current details are kept private for security

7.4 J these current details are kept private for security

7.5 W (picture) these current details are kept private for security
  Children: Gyoury

7.6 L (picture) these current details are kept private for security
  Children: D

7.7 P (picture) these current details are kept private for security
  Children: Gyoury

7.8 W (picture) these current details are kept private for security
  Children: C

7.9B these current details are kept private for security

7.10 C these current details are kept private for security

7.11 Fiona - please make contact if you know these details

7.12S these current details are kept private for security

Generation VIII
8.1 There are now numerous 8th generations, as well as 9th generations too. We may soon have details of 10 generation Gyourys, please stay in touch! Thank you