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Gyor - a place

Gyori - a traveller

Gyory - a name

Gyoury - an evolution

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For visitors that do not know; Gyoury is a rare surname/ family name/ last name,
that dates its birth from 200+ years ago. The name originates from 'Gyory'
which is from central Europe, Hungarian in origin, meaning "of the region Gyor", a large important city and region in Hungary. The new surname evolved into it's current spelling of Gyoury in late Georgian London (England) at the start of the Nineteenth Century.

This site is a family and friends portal which offers reference, genealogy, and historic information surrounding the Gyoury name. This site does not provide personal details
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Some known
familiar first names:

Ann  William
Billy  Bill
Stephen Steve
Danny  Jemma
Jay  Hannah  Ruby
Elsie  Peter  Lynn

Peter  Nicky  Marc
Chris  Alan  Paul
Lulu  Charis  Jordon
Jamie  Samantha

Lee  Rocky
Sarah  Autumn

The modern Gyoury  name is currently known to exist in the following countries:

England, Scotland, Spain, Australia, USA

Pieces of the puzzle are missing. Help preserve Gyoury history by sharing your knowledge.

These are some of the surname miss-spellings that have been noticed in official records-

  Gagoury Geury Ggonry Gregory Guyory Gy_ry Gy??ary Gyery Gyoary Gyocery Gyocry Gyodry
Gyomey Gyomy Gyonry Gyory Gyouey Gyourey Gyouri Gyourg Gyowery Gyowry Youry etc
Many records remain undiscovered -

Gyoury meaning in full - Györ ý is 'traveller of Gyor', or converting new and old language, a Gypsy exploring the Austro-Hungarian region previously known as Bohemia, an original Bohemian Gypsy.

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London City, Gyory to Gyoury

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